Fast Figs

Today's Racing Digest's Most Profitable Figure

Our most profitable figure that gives you huge payouts by quickly uncovering hidden overlays often missed by the betting public.  Historically a win bet on the top Fast Fig in each race will return an average of 112% profit.

One Powerful Figure that Consistently Gives You Overlooked Value

A combined class and performance figure based on the horse’s overall effort and the strength and level of the fields faced.

Quickly Single Out Overlooked Contenders

Fast Figs is a single figure that combines both speed and class of each horse's past races.  Generally the faster the horse ran combined with how difficult that race was determines how high the Fast Fig earned.  Any horse’s scoring within FIVE points of the top figures should be considered contenders in today’s race all others should be tossed out.

Consistent Long Term Profitability

Get the the best picks and how to play them from Today’s Racing Digest’s team of expert handicappers.  Quick Picks are completed after all of the handicapping has been done for Today's Racing Digest's and are often used as a "Cheat Sheet" for the complete Digest.

Picks That Provide Bigger Payouts

Most handicappers use the same speed figures as the rest of the betting public which drives odds down.  The Digest "reads between the lines" and is often a contrarian due to information that is easly overlooked which often result in bigger payouts.

A Powerful Easy-To-Use Figure That Consistently Outperforms Any Other Publicly Available Figures.

Fast Figs

One Powerful Number Incorporating Both Speed And Class

Quickly uncover those horses that not only have the speed but also the experience and ability to compete at today's race class level.

A combined class/performance figure based on the horse’s overall effort and the strength and level of the fields faced.

The higher the number the stronger the horse.

Horse’s scoring within FIVE points of the top figures should be considered contenders in today’s race

Quickly Find the Top Contenders In Each Race

Learn which horses to single, key or use in the exotics.

Get Exceptional Betting Opportunities based on the projected pace of the race.

Learn which horses to use and how to use them in the exotics.

Ticket strategies based on a each horse's expected odds and chance of winning.

Fast Figs 5PTS
Quick Picks Early Pick 4

Early Pick 4 Tickets

Maximize your profit by including only those horses that can win.

Anyone can pick a winner in a race or 2 but to do it 4 times in a row takes years of experience and a deep knowledge of the horses,  tracks, and connections. Every race day since 1970 Today's Racing Digest's team of handicappers have handicapping tracks across the country and have learned the intricacies of each track, horse and their connections.

Get the best horses to use in each leg of the Early Pick 4

Know how much to bet and the total cost of your ticket.

Use the bolded in the Quick Picks for all of your mulit race picks.

Late Pick 4 Picks

Get the best mix of horses that maximize your chances and profit in the Late Pick 4.

After pouring over all of the available handicapping information we calculate the probabilities of each horse's ability to win with thier expected payout.  This information is then used to put together all of the suggested Pick 4 and 5 tickets.

Learn which horses to use in each leg of the Late Pick 4

Get multiple betting amount options and the total cost of your ticket

Get picks that cover multiple pace and potential race scenarios

Quick Picks Late Pick 4
Quick Picks Pick 5

Get Suggested Early and Late Pick 5 Tickets

Hit the "Big One" with confidence playing the Early and Late Pick 5's

Winning the Pick 5 is hard to do even for a professional handicapper who spends hours pouring over all of the available information while clearly understanding how each race may unfold.  Today's Racing Digest's Pick 5 Tickets do the work for you giving you the best chance possible for winning big.

Use the bolded horses in each race to fill out your pick 5 tickets

Get suggested betting amounts and the total cost of your Pick 5 tickets

Single one or go deep with a number of options based on your bankroll

Winning Tips By Seasoned Experts That Payout Big

Statement About Tip Sheet Results focusing on benefit to customer


Average Win Rate


Average Profit on Exotic Bets


Any other measure

Handicapper's Who Love Quick Picks

“I had never been to the track before and purchased Today’s Racing Digest. By the end of the day I had doubled my money using the Consensus and Quick Picks Page. It was easy to use and told me which horses to bet on.”

Eric R.

"KODOS to the digest staff on Saturday nailing down the pick five $1,263 and early pick four $531. Thanks for all the help.”

Doug L.

“I never knew there were so much information involved with handicapping. Today’s Racing Digest does the work for me and has given me the picks I need to win more money.”

Sam H.

About Quick Picks

Quick Picks is one of the most popular Today’s Racing Digest's products and is included in the Complete Digest or can be purchased individually by track.  Quick Picks are put together by Today’s Racing Digest’s team of expert handicappers after they have analyzed all of the data and information written the analysis and have made their final decisions on how the race will be run. This means you get the experience, knowledge and value of everything found in Today’s Racing Digest in one easy to use page.

Quick Picks are helpful as a stand alone tip sheet or used combination with your own handicapping or already favorite tip sheet.   Quick Picks can help when you are not sure that you picked the right horses to win or you want to confirm that you have accurately identified the contenders and main threats on today’s card. It’s also the perfect product if you’re new to handicapping and you need a quick and easy way to determine where to place your bets. The Digest’s Quick Picks is a quick and easy way to sort this all out.


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